Summer Vibe


Brief info

Talenhouse brief from Boden, “UK fashion retailer Boden invites artists from around the world to challenge the standard catalogue look and create a completely original alternative digital front cover that celebrates the summer season!”

Requirements for the design were as following: - include the tagline “Your summer starts here”

- must be original illustration, graphic design or mixed-media, and not be just straight photography

- include the Boden logo

- incorporate at least one of the print patterns provided

- use colour palette as a base, found in the guidelines and can find further inspiration from the mood board found on Pinterest.

Design info

My design consists of a collage style to make use of the print patterns and colour palette provided in a fun / summery manner. I decided to make use of one of the pictures in the guidelines as it was a unique shot of the model and liked the space around her (using the pictures was allowed). The aim was to create contrast in order to compliment the colours and patterns to showcase a summer vibe.