Yup, that's me


Hi my name is Arun Mehmi, a Graphic Designer specialising in Branding. I enjoy designing brand identity work because having control of how a brand looks and feels is a great power to have but also an enjoyable one. In essence branding I believe is like injecting DNA into a brand or company.

Aside from design work, I like sports especially football and Formula 1. A weakness of mine is chocolate, damn you Cadbury’s and Ferrero! Watching tv shows and movies is my lazy time and also productive time in terms of idea generation. I also love Frankfurt, where I have lived for many years.

Work Opportunities

Hopefully you have had a good look through my work. I would be interested to hear from you regarding any work opportunities. Use the Contact page located in the menu above, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


Feb 2016

Freelance Graphic Designer

Have recently worked on brand identity and logo design projects for clients in the fashion, furniture making and tech sectors. Competition briefs have also formed part of freelancing time.

Dec 2015

VIVA – Intern Graphic Designer

My responsibilities entailed of doing the artwork for a major client of the agency. I also helped with developing, renaming and designing new logo solutions for a company which was in the process of rebrand.

Oct 2014 – July 2015

The Agency – Graphic Designer

At my University an in-house agency was created for third year students. I answered various live briefs and participated in helping my fellow peers with their projects too.