D&AD x WPP x Theirworld

BUILDING a support system for unprivileged girls' education


A D&AD brief by WPP and Theirworld, for which a brand had to be created that had the aim to connect initiatives, organisations, and campaigns worldwide with the single goal of using technology to get and keep girls in school learning.

The number of girls that don’t go to school at all is 33 million, and there’s millions more who aren’t learning and will eventually drop out of school early.

The brand had to change perceptions amongst governments, institutions and companies. Alongside this it had to inspire girls around the world to believe in technology being able to aid them with their education and lead them to a bright future.


The brand name 'Brighther' was formed with combing the words' brighter' and 'her'. The name is simple but wanted it to be empowering in the form of showing what the brand can do for unprivileged and unsafe girls around the world with the support of the various organisations.

The brand identity focuses on a very heavy use of pink and white colours and the 'brighther halo'. With the use of images and the elements just mentioned, the aim was to show the impact the brand can have.

Along with the online presence of a website, a Facebook campaign was created. The purpose was to drive people who already follow and support charities to the Brighther page and to help them in the form of an interaction. When completed a verification style badge would be provided and with the aid of curiosity from family and friends they could get one too by taking part in the question based interaction. The focus was to build a strong following for the brand that would over time attract more companies and organisations to support the cause.