YCN x Eastpak

Reintroducing the brand to previous consumers 


(A YCN competition brief for Eastpak that has been altered in order to create an installation / experience as the final outcome.)

Eastpak is a leading lifestyle brand which supplies stylish and functional carry on solutions for city living. It was founded in 1952 Boston, USA. Products include bags, backpacks, general travel gear and accessories with the most popular being the Padded Pak’r backpack.


The brand has a strong and longstanding American heritage that the target consumer grew up with as they saw the “cool kids” wearing the bags at school or they themselves were the “cool kids”. As they progressed in life, they moved away from the brand, therefore they are not aware of the many Eastpak products which are appropriate for their current stage in life.


The solution was ‘Eastpak Eye’ an installation / experience that would be placed in department stores. The main focus is the app which helps to show people which Eastpak products would be appropriate for them based on their lifestyle. Eastpak’s target consumer was the ‘emerging’, aged 19-24. This installation / experience would attract them but also a younger and more mature audience in order to develop the brand.