Henry's Honey


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Henry’s Honey is a family owned honey production company established in 1986. 

They pride themselves in producing luxurious British honey in a friendly and caring environment for their bees as well as for their loyal employees. Henry’s Honey was an instant hit when it launched because of its rich taste and texture, it was directed towards families and it was commonly used for special occasions and family gatherings. The honey was passed on to the next generation and stayed in families as a special ingredient for homemade foods.


Henry’s Honey noticed for a while that the current millennials are not as drawn to their product nor brand because of cheaper and more active options being available in a very competitive market. The original selling point of Henry’s Honey and still is to this date, is that it is pure natural British honey. Natural processes are used to produce the honey as well as the the bees being kept in a safe and nurturing environment.

Henry’s Honey recognised that they needed an overall update on their outdated identity and packaging design to stay relevant in the current sector but also wanted their packaging to be reusable in some form which involved nature and families. Attracting the newer generation whilst maintaining its heritage and appeal to still attract their initial consumers who made Henry’s Honey what it is today was a must.


The cheerful logo design consisting of a honeycomb and beehive was key in forming the new identity for the brand but also for the packaging design. The silhouette of the icon was influential in the shape of the outer box, outer label, inner box and label designs on the jar. 

The box being reusable as flower pots fulfilled the purpose of being environmentally friendly but eventually for bees to collect nectar from the flowers, the initial stage of honey production. It is also a great activity for families to do together and create fond memories associated with the brand.