Empty Properties UK

Logo design for an unconventional startup


Logo design for Empty Properties UK, an unconventional company who’s main aim is to get empty properties back into use again.

This is what the client had to say when describing their business which is largely an untapped source in the property sector, “We live in a country where there is a huge housing crisis. Simply put, there are not enough houses available for families to live in. On the other hand, there are more than 300k properties lying empty across the UK. Thousands of investors/developers who would typically go to auctions to buy properties are actively looking for deals. I capitalise on this opportunity and turn these empty properties into very profitable investments for investors that I work with.”


Making use of the recycle symbol it was combined with the silhouette of a traditional house to form the icon aspect of the logo. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters for the name were used to create a more friendly and approachable feel to the business. 


When I'm working on a project I always tend to be thinking about it, whether that's about new ideas, improvements etc. and this can be whilst watching TV for example. 

In this case I was at my cousin's house having dinner with the family. There were drinks on the dining table and a juice bottle was in my view, as seen on the left (forgive the blurry picture), you can see the label of the bottle which was facing me. The recycle logo caught my attention and thought how appropriate it is with the logo I'm currently designing as it is about 'reusing'.

The icon was a major inspirational point in the design process and formed the basis of the logo.