Directing FAshION LABEL's consumers Online 


Threads is a technology driven fashion label based in the UK. The aim of the project was to create a brand identity and a way to direct consumers to their predominantly online base. The brand also has stalls in high end department stores so this had to be taken into consideration too.


Creating the tagline 'Fashion and Technology creates Threads' this drove me to the concept of the maths equation '- x - = +'. The idea was that two unusual things which one wouldn't immediately associate together creating something positive, this being the brand Threads. The mathematical symbols were used throughout the identity system. 

As one of the main focuses was to drive people to the website as that's where most of the sales by Threads would be made, unique QR code membership cards were designed. These would be handed out in shopping centres.

Building on the online presence aspect, in the Threads app the user can create a ‘virtual self’ where one can digitally try on clothes before purchasing. With the inclusion of social media platforms the consumer can get instant feedback on the looks created by friends and family.